September 07, 2004

i can't feel part of myself

so the entire right side of my face is numb. my tongue feels like cotton. it sits, complacent in my mouth, still, like a big lump of bored flesh. it often tries to expand to the right when i open my mouth, getting caught between rows of grinding teeth. serves it right. the cheek is puffy and i can't feel my lips. so after my appointment, i stopped by dad's work for a visit, though i didn't have the drive to head to work, myself, or even work out there. ran into an old classmate at the y, kind cute guy, mike w_. made brief chat for a couple of seconds through swelling. dad had gone, dentist appointment of his own, so i just left. in the car driving home shahin (1 of 2) called and invited me to a cake concert in sf. so i'm going to that tomorrow, yay. phone rang and i nearly swerved across the center divide getting to my phone. bad driver, bad. i also ran three yellow lights. i claim funny face feeling as extenuating. i was a bit weirded out at the invite, though less than i might usually be in cases like this, a rather distant male friend inviting me somewhere, just the two of us, happened too many times this summer for me to freak out yet again. turns out he tried others and they couldn't make it, so it's cool. and i enjoy cake, so i'm looking forward to this. yay!


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