September 24, 2004

extravaganza! today, i believe, was an extravaganza!

oh my god, the opera was wonderful. i sat there the entire time with a dopey expression of complete thrall on my face. i laughed, i gasped, i read my way through the playbill, i was the perfect audience member. you could almost taste the excitement and wonderment radiating off of me. oh, and i enjoyed it so much. it was all the absurdity of a shakespearean comedy set to music with more vocal swoops and scales than an r&b pop sensation. i am definitely doing that again. i remember one scene in pretty woman, the guidebook by which i live my life, where richard gere's character says, "Some people say that opera is an acquired taste, but I don't believe it. You can always tell when someone goes to the opera for the first time. They either love it or hate it. Those who love it will always love it; those who hate it might come to appreciate it, but they'll never truly love it." (i totally looked that up online just so i could quote it to you all.) well, if that's true, then i have me a love affair. i am totally gonna take advantage of ucla live! discounts this year. before the grand ol' oprey, i was at the aquarium with kat. i saw a black sting ray with white spots! i petted a skate! i saw a tiny great white shark! i got a toe ring! i was almost late home, but arrived in time to change quickly and bolt off for the opera. okay, so the final outfit wasn't terribly coordinated, but i shaved and dressed in 7 min, i think i can be forgiven. in the car i did my makeup, hair, it was beautiful. i felt like mcguyver. used red eye shadow on my eyes aand my lips. showed up and since neither mom nor i had eaten all day (note the family resemblance?), we got biscotti and wine at the concession stand. stood huddled around a table, dipping the biscotti into the wine, first class, and then took turns taking finishing sips of the horrid red bile. with biscotti dregs. there were biscotti dregs in my bad red wine. *smacks lips* tasty. but then the show started and all was well with the world, if not a bit chilly. show was wonderful. i drove poor-night-vision-mother home, where i changed into pajamas, watched m*a*s*h, and ate a toast and salami sandwich. very good day.


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