September 19, 2004

dirty talk and chick flicks

french manicure was nearly chipped away from all my hard manual labors so now i've painted then pretty prettyteal. i feel bad about having to remove the pretty french colors, but this is more me, anyways. i am teeeal. wooooo. i'm becoming much more brazen. at least virtually. little conversation with a good friend.

me: play with me.
chris: wow, I wish women would say that to me all the time, you just made my day.
me: haha
chris: you wish you hung out with me more, then. i say that all the time.
me: lol
chris: seriously though mah dear, I can't really talk now. =(
me: arrg.
chris: sorry. =( you can whip me later.
me: oh give me a break, we'd both just enjoy that.
chris: exactly. =D
me: not sufficient recompense.
chris: oh, I could make you dinner. =D
me: haha. dinner and a beating, my perfect night out.
chris: =D I only serve to please.
me: that's right, slave. ;)
chris: you know it. =P

all this while watching an absurd chick flick made-for-tv movie on the family channel. celeste in the city. shit.

i go down to la on saturday, missing ren faire up here *pouty* but, good fun, i get to start classes very soon and actually learn. eeee! excitement to the max! my parents are starting to get separation anxiety. mom has been babbling to me nonstop every chance she gets every thought that comes into her mind because soon i'll be gooone. and dad has offered to take me out to a going away dinner. trust me, he only ever volunteers to spend money on me when he's feeling sentimental. cynth's not gonna be there when i get to la, so i'll basically be able to put my shit wherever i want and screw her, screw herrr!!! sorry. carried away. rather territorial. on the other hand, blaize and jim will both be down there shortly after we arrive, so should be fun. aaand i get to build furniture, whoo. alright, so none of the thoughts i am having are terrible interesting...or linear, so i'm just gonna go. bye.


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