September 16, 2004

childish behavior and dental work

my teeth are nicely drilled and i'm feeling slightly like an insufferable child. had the other two teeth drilled today. you haven't lived until you've seen your own face deformed by anesthesia. my top lip stretched flat by the swelling on the left side and my cupid's bow was completely splayed to the right. for the first hour i walked around with what would be a very wry expression on my face if it were not already stretched like putty. the procedure itself was alright. i needed an extra shot of novicane because my top tooth was really bad and rather painful. this tooth happens to be rotated 180' and one entire wall had to be reconstructed with filling. whee. the doctor said when she was done, "that was actually kind of fun. sort of a mental puzzle." to which i drooled wryly, "gwad to pwovide a chawenge." on the drive home i self-consciously hid my mouth with a hand at stop lights, anxiously touching the puffy, senseless skin with an obscuring hand. never realized how horribly vain i was until i discovered my consternation at being temporarily disfigured. i have a new pity for those who actually have to live like that, and i mean that in the least horribly shallow and condescending way possible. *shrug* the sensation slowly returned and the elasticity as well and my cheek has returned to its usual splendid paunch. jaw is sore again, and this time i'm almost positive that it's from being stuck by those enormously invasive needles. i hate the anesthesia more than the rest of the entire operation. so when i was finally able to eat again (when the danger of fatally severing my tongue dwindled) i supped and then went to shoe pavilion with kat to buy a new pair of comfy sandals. almost bought a twin to my green alligator docs, but instead ended up with something a bit more classy. not classy! you decry, you should have gotten the docs, they are your signature! but no, i am now the proud owner of a shiny new pair of eccos. we then returned to my place, where i promptly wrote two checks totaling about $800, (scream, die), one to kat for rent and the other to my credit card company. because i am hemorrhaging money this month. now kat and i are making turtles, little nut, chocolate, and caramel confections my mother has been nagging me to make all week. well, really i should say we have been gossiping and making turtles. and if i want to be entirely honest, a rare phenomenon, i would say that kat is making turtles while i whinge and act like a child. kat and my mother are doing an admirable job of putting up with my crap, though. yay them. so, shortly the candies will be done and i will be able to go to bed and sleep off a wholly disquieting day.


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