September 09, 2004

and a fun time was had by all

so, i'm sticky. lovely way to begin a conversation, but i simply am. just got back from the cake concert, which was a tight press of people and very hot. ass kept getting touched any time someone near me turned, lifted their hand, could not resist its sweet allure any longer, etc. concert started an hour late and was taped for tv. cake was great, though, very groovy. weed was smoked, though not by me. played for hour and forty-five minutes, a very long set. they kept trying to leave. bit whiney. the only other downer was a couple of jackasses nearby, a talkative little asain girl who wouldn't shut up and her friend - pabst blue ribbon hat, sobe t-shirt, b.o. - pure jackass. how can he support two different competing drink companies at once? edged his way right in front of me, the stinky jerk, and stood waaay too close. whew! set ended with "the distance," croud screamed, shahin and i left. miracle i never got beer sloshed on me. raced a big suv on 101, to my mild concern. got home in record time. i'm very glad i went. had a good time, no awkwardness, was needed for explanations on the operation of will call, coat check, and general driving directions. life is better when you don't freak out all the time about odd social situations. now i'm going to go scrub the bleeding red music ledger stamp that says i'm too young to drink off my inner wrist. scrub it good.


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