August 28, 2004


things i don' want to share with my parents. pleasantries. been a snarky little bitch all week and i can't exactly explain why. there's really no explanation for it, i just can't seem to be civil to either of them for very long. eventually it all turns to sass. hope. i'm sending the notorious kim essay to a magazine for possible publication and when asked, "what are you doing?" simply replied "nothing." "look, i know you're doing something. " "no." if i tell them what i'm up to, i know mom'll crow and dad will announce his boundless, if not slightly less pompous, support. i don't want that. i don't want to think i might make it. i am much more comfortable with pessimism. but really, it's just not fair to be printing this out and addressing envelopes and all in front of them. i mean, just not subtle. the other thing i'm not sharing is my ambition. for similar reasons, i'm not going to tell them that i intend on applying for the daily bruin. i mean, chances are pretty slim as it is, i have no publication experience whatsoever. i am literally leaving a entire page of my application blank, except for the words "yes" and "no." and if i'm feeling particularly informative, "none." really, it comes down to the fact that i don't want them to have a part in the process. these are my actions, and the fact that i'm stealing envelopes and stamps from them, not to mention room and board and tuition, does not give them a place in that. no, really. i don't want their support and i don't want to share. see? unmitigated snark.

in other news:

went to see garden state last night with kat and amy. told the 'rents i'd be home at 1, came back at 1:30. snark! really liked the movie, though suegol didn't like the ending, kat thought it was a bit contrived and generally on par with lost in translation (i wa'n't to fond), and amy thought it was preeetty good, eh. talked to morgan a bit more last couple of days. kat strongly recommends that i stop bitching about being lonely and jump on that. i cringe slightly and go, "but hoooooooow??" so i'm gonna stop bitching now for a while. *collective cheer!* mmm, now i'm watching a sweetened version of pulp fiction on tv. it's cute, they say "freakin'" a lot. the weird dreams have been continuing. i don't quite remember the last as i woke up and fell back asleep again, but it was weird and vivid and there was another cuddly guy in it. yar. actually, more than cuddly (lots) which is really very rare. ah well. i've been sass in a glass all this week, which was in my horoscope for last week, and this week i'm supposed to "be like Avis and try harder" for a man. but, i think i'm just gonna live out my sad whiney life as usual and continue to piss off those around me in a myriad of ways. snark!


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