August 15, 2004

rubber chickens, pirate patches, and unmitigated joy

does it make me unamerican that i don't care about the olympics? i have watched sport this weekend, but sport that had nothing to do with global community or striving to achieve a heroic and inspirational victory. no, i went to a raiders-niners game and watched overpaid men slam into one another very very hard over and over again. (i make an american pastime sound so very homoerotic, but as i actually heard a call last night that was "illegal touching," i'm not going to stop any time soon. hee, that's the best call ever.) worked a shift at the costume store that day. made jokes with the old co-workers and generally enjoyed myself. got very little done, though. it did give me the opportunity to remember that i can never ever take myself seriously - the first thing i did upon getting to work was unpack a large box of rubber chickens and pirate eyepatches. literally. was in a bit of an odd mood, though. stayed up till 3 that morning writing an unusual short story about the death of an elm tree. is it environmentalist propaganda? is it satire? is it good? i don't know! went to game just after work, dad picked me up. napped on the way to the game. tailgaters scare me. i brought a book, candide to the game. yeah, that's voltaire. the game was too interesting to break out the book, though. yay! i dug being there until it got freezing cold, that is. came back and forced a drunken chris to read the short story. he said it was like a blend of stephen crane and edgar allen poe. i think that's much higher praise than i deserved, but it inspired me to start reading red badge of courage. never read it before. i'm now about halfway done.

today was back at the cookware store, finished voltaire. went to see free shakespeare in the park with mum and the gals. saw twelfth night. so i have to ask, which is real? carla watching football or carla watching shakespeare? i like the discrepancy. gives me joy. also, the whole rubber chicken thing is just damn cool. i heart my life.


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