August 22, 2004

pink really isn't my favorite color, it just amuses me, is all

post in order to appease chris: i told his this morning that there was a "new development" (slight pun) and i had dyed my hair last night. he said "i know." now, as i have not talked to him for days this put me a bit off, how should he know that, eh?he told me i had blogged it. turns out i blogged that i would do that. doesn't he know never to take me at face value? i never do the shit i say i will. i lie. oh except in this case, when i really did dye bits of my hair pink - bleach 'n all. but it is so freakin' pink!!! fuck-it-all pink. fuck-you-all-pink. my dad hates it.

so what else is new?

terribly sore from lifting weights. even the muscles necessary to scratch my ear hurt. it takes a lot more convincing than usual to get my lazy ass to do anything at all. still, i did manage to wash mum's car yesterday. without being asked. i think it's a medal-worthy feat. the liftin' was alright. i kept expecting the big surge of endorphins to course through my veins and make me haaapy, but no. didn't even sweat. doesn't help, however, that dad kept calling me over between sets to introduce me to the people he trains. i talked to mani, my old nanny's son. forever. ran into some girl from my high school who asked me a million questions about la because she's going there for college, too. couldn't figure out for the like of me how this girl knew so much about me. the school i go to? i never talked to her, ever. shit, i couldn't even remember her name! which made it difficult when dad brought people over to meet me, as i had no way to introduce them to her. i simply did the rude thing and pretended she didn't exist till they left. i hadn't brought a water bottle to the gym, and i swear, by the end i was pretty much pining for one. throat so dry. vocal chords raspy. dad said he was surprised at how much i had matured, being able to talk to friendly to all his friends. i've always been able to chat perfectly well with adults, it's people my own age i freak out around and become awkward. meeting new adults, i'm golden, meeting new tweens, i am covered in boils. boils of sarcasm.

but now to old friends... kat and i have been watching movies and the telly on dvd a lot lately, her mum got one of those unlimited blockbuster passes. we baked a cake a couple of nights ago, turned out v. well. white chocolate cappuccino, part deux, the revenge of the batter. last time we made this cake, the batter fell flatter than...well, me! but this time it was so fluffy until the last, so the cake was light and airy! so good. it was the frosting we fucked up. put all the heavy cream in, not saving any for the filling, so the frosting was too dilute and we had no filling. but we improvised (the key word in all our cooking) and separated some frosting for the filling and put more butter and chocolate in the rest to bulk it up. the butter kept separating out, but we made it work in the end and have now given ourselves the collective title of "goddesses in the kitchen."

there's a pretty high turnover rate for the number six slot on my phone. i set friends to speed dial when i hit a number, #1 (preset) is voicemail, #2 and 3 are home, #4 is kat, #5 is sadaf, and #6 is curst. for about a year and a half it was jeff, but as you have likely read ad nauseam, that friendship is no more. then, for a brief period this summer it was matt. but he lasted only a couple of months. one night out on the town, sadaf "warned" me a bit of his m.o. it seems he gloms to one girl, whether romantically or no, i could not comment, and hangs out with her to pretty much the exclusion of others for a time, and then, like the flu, moves on. though not nearly so maliciously. so this might explain why i saw so much of him during the beginning of the summer, and now, only speak to him when i initiate. *shrug* i bear him no ill will, it only seems a bit much to allot him a preset on my phone if that's going to be the case. but the object of his attention does seem to have changed, he told me last night that he caught a bit of a cold...from a girl. oooh. a girl with whom he had gotten "extremely" close. haha! it amuses me that sadaf anticipated his actions so. matt refuses to tell me who she is, and instead suggested i guess. in turn, i refused, too childish, and i don't know the names of his friends, anyway. but i suspect that it was the hefty girl who gooed so over his photographs the last time i saw him, all that time ago. he did basically ignored me that night in favor of her attentions, and that would be a fair foreshadowing, wouldn't it? unlike jeff's dissolution, i'm taking this extremely well. it is less extreme, after all, but really, i'm not pissed at all (am i growing as a person? am i??). meh. and matt's just gone off to college, went some time this morning, actually, and i don't really expect to hear from him much anyway. so, anyways, there is a free slot in my phone that i'm not quite sure how to fill. maybe it'll remain empty until i get an upgrade. but we'll see. oh the drama!


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