August 20, 2004

petering out

i'm rather bored with this all, to be honest. work is a drag, parents are getting a bit heavy, and yadda yadda yadda. good: been watching many movies and bad 80's cartoons with kat. bad: been waking up late for work. bad: been craving booze and fun. bad: been waking up just in time to be late for work. good: washed hair this morning and am going to dye bits of it pink. bad: haven't gotten any exercise since before oho. bad: putting off monterey even further. bad: been pining for a pretty boy and lovin'. so, the score is 3 bad for every 1 good. not good score. i should really go to bed now. and i will. just after i melancholy for a moment. ... yes. good. thanks. bye.


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