August 27, 2004

other women's men

i've been having very odd dreams as of late. v. colorful and vivid. last night i was back at school indoors sitting i on some class i wasn't enrolled in with ____. desks were simultaneously sitting upright and lying down, cuddly. (this part, i know, had something to do with the fact that i was luxuriously sleeping in panties and socks.) it was, of all things, a fashion class, complete with fashion show. desks were lined up in the center for a ramp towards the end and the fashions were on the way. but they were being held up. i set out looking for them, by now the classroom had turned into a grassy field full of sunshine and bright colors. i climbed a mountain that hadn't been there before and hopped on a cloud, something about a bird...swamp, trees. my toes grew very long, like adraine's ball of thread or something. it was like the skin on them grew all long ad flabby and tender. hurt, actually. found the missing...children? and the lady leading them to the class; they had gotten lost. i brought them over and ____ fixed my ailing toes, removing the extra skin like putty and cutting the webbing that had grown in between. i have absolutely no way to explain the dream, but when i got up this morning i trimmed my toenails.

been having some rather vivid fantasies of late, as well. yow.

ooh, also drooling over men on tv. was watching queer eye and the man they were making over was this super hot straight figure skater with this incredible body, beautiful hair, and prefect chiseled features. and he was so loving towards his wife. woof! all dressed up he was fuck-me-now hot. i drooled over this man in front of my mum for a full hour. shameful, no shameless.

i am just gagging for a shag. seriously, it's just sad. now, i just need to find a guy who is a. here, and b. not already taken. and while i'm at it, i'd also like a pony.


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