August 18, 2004

oh, so on the road to alcoholism

just took a shot of kaluah. yeah that's right, drinkin' alone in my kitchen on a wednesday night. i would have done drunk some vodka, but that's heavier and the drinks cupboard is really high up. also i don't really want it to taint my breath too badly in case mum scents me. i guess i'm feeling ever so sliiightly buzzed, but not enough to make me happy. just watched sixteen candles. if i had that family, i would have killed them all in my sleep. not that my family didn't once forget my birthday. my...seventeenth i think. i was pissed. unfortunately, it wasn't saved by hooking up with a hot rich boy. nothing in my life ever is. *pouts* barely suppressed rage while watching it. i should go take another shot of something, but really it's all too sad. i can't do like dad and mix myself a nice cocktail and drink it and fall asleep on the couch. so jealous. wanna go back to la so i can get liquored up with my friends in my spankin' nice apartment. i'm basically bored and alone. damn i need a man. or else a proper drunken rampage. whatever, i'm not picky.


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