August 18, 2004

a brief history of bosoms

breast theory part 3:

i recently bought a couple pairs red bras, a couple pairs black. alright, i got them today, and it was 2 of each color, all underwire, 36b, if you must know. and every time i put one on, or any of my other big-girl bras for that matter, i instantly have the urge to show them off. my unruly charges. it's really not very polite, but i generally want to wear more form-revealing clothing, and really low cut shirts that don't quite cover. and this is whether or not anyone else is even around. i can't really explain that one. unless, of course, i were to conclude that as long as my breasts have a mind of their own, they also may have egos of their own. and that is just too scary to contemplate. when i'm not wearing a bra, the urge to show them off is much less strong, actually, i develop increased modesty in that case. (at least i won't get a swelled head?)

i do find myself relating to everything through my breasts, it's really quite unnerving. i have tried to find a balance between underwire time and free-for-all (i mean bralessness, not some sort of public happy hour in my shirt). day time is bound and brassiered, night time is all about the freedom. and sometimes the freedom spills over into daylight hours. i hope this makes me less manipulative and evil than most, but i'm not betting on it.

i don't know, there really aren't any conclusions here, just the question, wtf? seriously, these things should come with a manual. thought: the amazons would cut off one breast in order to nock a bow without obstruction. what psychological effect did that have?


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