July 12, 2004

tied up in myself

yeah, vaguely sick feeling definitely there. there like a big ol' boulder or some sort of obelisk. a vague obelisk. ....yeah, i've never been good at metaphor. sorry. today with the children went pretty well. some time during my second period i felt a bit sick and woozy and had to sit down, but generally i didn't suck. huzzah! i was reading belle as usual (see sidebar links) and followed a link to the twisted monk dot com. rope sellers, extraordinaire. rope for sex, in case you haven't divined that already. and i have to admit, i do find that a bit hot. readily admit i have a couple of kinks, if it comes down to that (though rope is not a big one for me). some of the pictures on the site were really beautiful. to give you a taste: naked girls wearing rope. oh, don't feign shock, i'm sure no one is really surprised at my reaction. enough people have said, to my extreme growly annoyance, "you'll be really fun for some guy someday." yeah, i know what that means, and i resent that sort of statement very much. and not for the fact that they assume i'm hetero, i am, that's not the annoying part. it's so condescending. like, "some day when you grow up, you'll make some boy very happy." (which i think is actually the more common phrasing.) oh joy. i just live for that day. fuck you. who's gonna make me happy. oh, god. i know i'm making no sense, i'm sorry. i don't feel well. i think maybe i'll go drink some orange juice and go pet a cat now. bye.


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