July 19, 2004

three more days

ever since the parents' live-alone health kick, there have been no good snack foods in the house. i am forcibly left with a bag of stale peanut cookies from back when i was living here a year ago, a single rice cake, and varied fruit/nut mixes. i grabbed a bag of gorp and am now munching peanuts, raisins, and (joy) chocolate chips in front of pokemon. when i first turned on the tv, it was sharon osborne declaring that she owns a gay chihuahua. i think this is an improvement. lucky me, the chocolate is melting on my hands; it's hot. not as hot as la was when i was down there, but pretty warm. i'm severely tempted to peel off my ugly green shirt and just lounge around topless. but dad's home. not really going to happen. i had a lovely time during my trip to la. the apartment is amazing and now i'm all anticipation and the compulsion to spend money on furnishings. i got pleasantly drunk when down there - the surprise party/visit went terribly well, i couldn't be happier. and blaize brought his cute friend to the party; i've been desperate to meet new people for ages. very cool-seeming person, i just have to be thankful that i had the opportunity to develop my jolly drunken conversational skills, because i'm never seeing him again. (friend of a friend who's going out of the country soon. no hope there.) intense pity i had to leave la so soon, but duty and the children called. the first two classes were rotten, i showed up bitchy and the children were not fun. the third class went quite a bit better, i think i like them best. hmmm, close game though, you know how i love all children ever. today one of my students asked, "do you think it would be good...would you like it if...if ohlone for kids could be extended for longer?" "i think about it every second of every day (in unending horror and shock)." my new mantra is three more days, three more days, three more days.


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