July 22, 2004

school's out for summer

outfit: light pink bra, transparent white wifebeater, striped pants, black belt with steel holes. today was the last day with the kids and swelterey hot to boot, so when i got home and changed i figured i'd sex it up a little. "got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, i'm hot for teacher." (hehe. my mantra, throughout this affaire.) thought after all that misery and mess, i deserve to be a bit naughty, myself. class today was...interesting. first period was as much a pain as it ever is. glad i'll be getting rid of those kids. second period was very cool. kids were quiet, well-behaved. interested in the cooking, and helpful. a couple of the girls in the class had presents for me: little pictures they had drawn and candies they had been given in their previous class. things saying "math rules" and "carla is the best teacher ever!" i was surprised. i was sure that i had alienated this class by bitching at them unprovoked. very odd conversations with the students, though. one girl asked, "why do all black people smell the same?" and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. a tiny, little-girl voiced asian girl told me she could fart on command, which i thought was awesome, though completely incongruous. i chased down one boy, as he stole my hobo glove cut from a ducky-covered sock, and the rest of the class ran after us and swarmed him trying to get the glove back. i treatened to tickle him until he yielded up the glove, but i wouldn't actually ever tickle him because i don't want to be sued. the trick with teaching, i've discovered, is to make the threats vague enough to not sound horrible if reported to parents, administrators, or the police, but still fierce enough to work. my third class were horribly obnoxious. not at first, they were rowdy and energetic. but after being yelled at by my boss for leaving them alone in the room for a minute (i needed spoons!) my mood soured, and my patience dropped. one terribly obnoxious pair - a girl and boy - insisted on trying to escape at every opportunity, and when i insisted the remain inside, still tried to dart out ever chance they got. the boy began grumbling that he hated the class and blah blah blah, miserable little malcontent. and the girl just kept ignoring me, until i snapped and screamed at them. reaaally wanted to cuss, but didn't. i don't expect the kids to respect me, i simply demand they obey me, dammit! the girl was by far the worst. i can deal with the boy's displeasure and her disrespect doesn't bother me much, but she's the sort of child who tries to suck-up to the teacher and in turn wants to be treated with deference above the other children. not only do i refuse to give her any advantage over the others, i think i may be extra snide to her, because she's such an undesirable type. i have lost her respect because i don't treat her with favor. little brat, teacher's pet, suck up. she even washed my whiteboard! wants extra priase for tasks like that, even though other students join in to help, it was her idea, she should get top billing. also argued with me on the first day of class about the merit of using calculators in higher mathematics. "but doesn't that mean you're not good at math?" "no." "but isn't it cheating?" "no." "but that means you don't know how to do it." "no, it's a tool used when you have reached more advanced mathematics to help with simple arithmetic and more difficult operations in order to speed up problem solving where the actual problem is not simply plugging in the numbers, but figuring out how to solve the problem." "i'm going to ask my cousin if he ever used a calculator in school, and if he didn't, you're in trouble." "he did, trust me." by the end of the day, i was soo glad to be through. went home, like i said, changed. watched a bit of tv, called sadaf, went to her place, called people up to go out to dinner. we caught dinner, thai food, downtown, where i discovered a brand new used book store and fell in love. (love me my books.) chatted with the shopkeeper for a bit, bought a book of ambrose bierce's ghost stories. (love him.) went to starbucks with sadaf, discovered where all the youth hang out. we laughed at the uncultured high school students and townies (we are bad people), then went to clarence's place to watch sabrina, which i slipped into my purse, in the hopes that we might find time to watch. if you were to look into my purse tonight i would seem a very awesome person. sabrina, bourne identity, ghost stories of ambrose bierce, ducky hobo gloves, green eyeshadow, lychee candies, and finally some cash. it was a good night. had fun. chatted with morgan for a bit just now. i talked to him maybe three times at the end of school/beginning of summer, then i never saw him online and pretty much forgot about him. saw him the last few days on and was figured he had cut ties due to lack of apparent chemistry and practicality of geographic distribution, but he imed me and we made small talk about our summers. ugh, have work tomorrow at the cookware store, unpleasant. g'night!


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