July 08, 2004

the pretty

somehow upon first viewing i didn't realize that this movie was as dirty my first viewing. really, there's this one block of it that is all graphic (but sweet) sex. was i just not paying attention or was i watching a different, more docile, version? (i have unrated.) wait...yeah, i think this one is much dirtier. heh. still a good movie. every time i'm at my comp with the headphones on, i find myself chewing on their cord. i'm pmsing right now - i can always tell. there are simple signs that tell me it is so. for one, i always get extra horny around this time - the mating instinct. my patience with everyone gets much shorter. much, much shorter. i can't stand to be around people, my parents especially. i get a bit bitchy, readily admitted. oof, i hate this part of the movie. the little girl is killed by a dog. horrid. i need desperately to shower. haven't in days. and i have fancy dinner in a bit. with matt. who dad thinks i'm dating. i'm not. deary. well, i have to get all prettified and rarified and sexy. i'll finish my post in a bit...


ugh. i'm exhaust-o. i showered finally, i love my little pink sponge puff, such a dear little device. i got out all scrubbed and smooth, shaved legs and all, and put on the skintight fancy dress. certain outfits call for certain amounts of cosmetic effort. i moisturized, put on bits of concealer, put my hair up, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip color, the whole big effort. but not so much effort as all that. i put my hair up in the big brown claw i always use, the makeup was simple. i didn't have shoes that went, so i wore my lime green sandals and felt rebellious against the pretty. grrrr. some time during my shower i remembered that i had to work tomorrow. no monterey for me. possibly hiking, but likely not. dinner was good but expensive. in yuppietown. told stories over salad and nervously ate my bread; places like that always make me a bit antsy. i had to call a parent the other day at work. i hate being the law. such a narc, ugh! i had creme brulee and delighted in shattering the sugar coat. matt pulled out a wallet with che guevara's face on it and i laughed wildly. buahaha. paying for fancy meal in yuppietown and the image of a communist revolutionary. so i've come back and i'm finishing my movie. i'll go feed kitty in a minute.


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