July 28, 2004

personal observations

been back at the cookware store this week, making more money to pay my bills. yesterday i got a small reprieve, however, as i took a short trip in the middle of my workday to drive my boss' children to a friend's house. i didn't mind at all, as it got me out of the store, off my feet, and i was still working billable hours. unfortunately, i had a bit of trouble finding 280, as i'm not familiar with its entrances down in los altos, so i pulled onto a street just before gunn high school, and then into the first parking lot i saw, to call my mum for directions. this happened to be the parking lot of a beautiful old graveyard - the headstones were a lovely motley assortment. (i hate the clinical sameness of military graveyards.) i was delighted, but the children squealed about dead people rising from the grave or something, so i got my directions and we were off. dropped them off without further incident and returned to the store, however i was so disinclined to work that i simply took the rest of the day off, but as it was 5 already, this was no big feat. on the way home, i stopped at the costume store and left a cheeky note for the boss saying i could pick up some hours there, now that the teaching thing is through. i hope she interprets the note as quirky, rather than rude. it might have been a bit rude. karsten was a bit odd - i don't know what it is, i think the overall vibe that i get is one of evasiveness (of the fact that he likes me special). of course, it may be all in my head, as these things often tend to be. regardless, i was breezy and clever, and there was a bit of banter, there, which i always enjoy. i bought some eye shadow and left just at closing. the rest of the evening was spent quietly at home, working on nicole's tattoo, watching television, and chatting with chris.

this morning i awoke to mother watching horrid televised exercise programs, on what i'm sure has to have been public access tv. a sample, which i transcribed at the time and imed to several friends:

"my mum is watching (and playing along) with a show called 'sit and be fit.' it looks as if it were produced in the late 80's by elderly women, but as one of the songs they just used is from aladdin, that has to be wrong. now it's some sort of jazzy big band walking outside the happy fake burlesque house in disneyland music. oh good god. listen to this.
"'okay you're on a horse. now we're gonna get off and look for those rustlers. okay now get back on...partner. now we're gonna dust off those boots. this is really a hamstring stretch. one..two...three...four...five...six...seven...change and two...three...four...five...six...seven...change. toe taps now...and change. good. (lasso motions) now let's pull in that calf now...good. that was a tough one. .....okay, i see another calf out there, let's pull that one in. now let's march. and skip around you chair...and switch direction. good! and march. toe tapping...and the other side. now knee lifts. and those calves got pretty dusty on that last ride, so let's dust them off. good. hope you had as much fun as we did."

it's difficult to have respect for someone once you have seen them, in all seriousness, pretend to rope an imaginary calf at the behest of some idiot on television. i got over my shock, got dressed, ate, went to work. (tried on my new red eyeshadow, which i think is really quite becoming. great contrast with my eyes.) somehow at work i bonded with one customer by describing some honey my father's friend gave us. i got home about a week back to discover a jar of the stuff, literally bigger than my head, lurking in my kitchen. the jar is gone now, it's been divvied up into smaller portions for co-workers and friends, but some of that honey has stayed behind for us. that stuff is great, let me tell you. not at all like store-bought processed, etc. it tastes like herbs, earthy...i call it a "raw" flavor when i'm trying to be poetic. but that's how i described it to my customer. she seemed to like the story, which was a bit weird for me, as i was just babbling. finished up the workday rather uneventfully, except for a rather longer-than-anticipated phone call to kat during my break. went home, supped, and then went out to the movies with clarence. a double feature at the stanford. had a bit of trouble with the 85-101 onramp, they revamped it when i was gone, and the construction created an entirely unexpected detour. the movies were charming, company not too awkward, and i drove home about midnight, windows down, on the freeway blasting "highway to hell," which made me feel lovely and rebellious and cool. bedtime soon. i have tomorrow off, so i'll be around here somewhere enjoying myself, we hope. night!


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