July 29, 2004

lists i make and moodswings

yesterday was my day off. i spent most of it doing not much of anything until evening. i watched enter the dragon with matt, which has suddenly necessitated me to re-evaluate my list of men i love. (bruce lee, not matt, sorry.)
1. bruce lee, 2. tintin, 3. adam west's batman, 4. john stewart, 5. seth macfarlane (?), 6. paul rudd (i think there were more, but i've forgotten)

spent the next half hour or so after that engaged in a tickle fight with matt. i want more bruce lee movies!

this morning, i had to drive to fremont to get my paycheck. it was nice and big, but over $100 were taken off for taxes! nooooo! was late to the cookware store, and spent the day thinking:
this morning, i wanted best of all a pretty boy to whisper into my neck that he wanted and needed me lots.
this afternoon, i wanted best of all a pretty boy to lick me and tell me i'm tasty.
this evening, i wanted best of all someone, anyone to rub my shoulders until i am soft.
tonight, i wanted to slip my hand between some pretty boy's thighs.
yeah, i'm sad.

on the way home and just before i saw today things i saw:
a buzz lightyear doll in the lefthand lane of the road.
a brilliantly colorful old woman dressed in magentas, pinks, and purple down to her lips. (i want to sparkle when i grow old.)
a blue honda civic with the license-plate holder "dadz as cool as his car." *snicker*
a woman on the road open and close the door of her moving car.

so irritation drubbed out by just everything else in life that's funny and shiny. good times. after, it was dinner, home, and then fry's with mum. i got dragonsong and a book of pablo neruda's poetry. also a a bad, cheesy dvd. on the way back got dropped at matt's with the promise of ice cream. got there, but no cold stone, instead the tail end of gone in 60 seconds. wasn't entertained and was generally buzzkilled. pah. i have 9:15 scrawled in blue pen on my wrist. the time i have to be at work tomorrow.

somewhere i went from thinking, "ah, i have to enjoy every minute of life, ain't it grand," to general pissiness. great.


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