July 11, 2004

liquor 'n learnin' go hand in hand

i just scheduled my classes for next quarter. 3 days i start at 1, 2 at 10 and i'm taking 19 units. the registrar gods smiled down on me this time, i think. though i am afraid that the classes i'm taking are going to kill me dead. life science (2), writing (for my still undeclared lit minor), calc and analytic geometry (nooooo! i die. i did all this before, but it has seeped out of my brain...imagine a slime mold running out my ear with all its might. it will be hard. i will get a bad grade.), and finally, intro to ecology and behavior (an upper-div! i'm taking an upper-div!) big ol' chunk of the sciences, i'm hoping the writing class will keep me sane, though most likely i'll simply find that my essays are all due right before important science midterms that i haven't studied for. hopefully, being in the apartments will somehow help...i'm not sure how yet, though. speaking of school, i'm totally dreading tomorrow's educational acrobatics. i'm going to have to wake up much too early to be dealing with children. 6:30 so i can make photocopies, feed a cat, and show up early to placate my mum. i'm so glad i'm taking next weekend off, i don't think i could stand more obsessive-compulsive scheduling at the cookware store. i make money with an ocd drive, now. i have actually caught myself thinking on afternoons after coming home from the teaching gig, "i should be working now. i have too much free time, just sitting around. i could pick up a few hours at the costume store..." so i'm taking next weekend off completely, maybe drive the crazy thoughts out of my head. if i do not, i think my parents might find me saturday night, quietly passed out in the kitchen in front of the fridge, bottle of southern comfort in hand. hell, with my schedule next quarter, my roommates might discover the same. well, i need to go to bed now, definitely. must wake up bright 'n early 'n all that. i think i might put a stop to the silly fantasies about adding hours to my schedule by taking an afternoon nap tomorrow. yeah, that'd be nice.


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