July 13, 2004

i saw a fox today!

made a hike today with matty and sadaf around the reservoir, i honestly don't remember which. i totally dug the trees and moss and sun and bubbling brook and all the outdoorsey joy. we tried to skip rocks in the water. some assholes off in the distance were shooting in a...range? the noises rather annoyed me and put a cramp in my groove. but i saw a fox! it was my secret fox, as sadaf and matt missed catching a glimpse of his retreating back. not that i didn't announce many many times loudly and enthusiastically "i saw a fox!" most of yesterday after my manic exhaustive post i napped. all afternoon, actually. i sent matty to run an errand for me, which i feel a bit bad about, i'm so horrid and demanding, but until i'm actually told to go fuck myself, i will keep taking advantage of my friends. in my defense, though, i was terribly tired and also terribly appreciative. he then stuck around while i did my chores at donna's: water plants, feed kitty, etc. the kitty loved him and chose to lie purring in his lap rather than mine - a higher recommendation from the little one than i could ever give (short of falling asleep in his lap). i should really be sleeping now, to be honest, but british queer eye is on and i'm too in love with the accents and the flamboyancy to shut it off. i still need to feed the kitty tonight. going to end up going to bed rather too late tonight, and in my bizarre state of health, that might be a danger. don't want to catch a cold for my lovely free weekend. today during class i was shaky and weak for bits. i was going around, helping the kids with the project, surrounded by the little monsters, mobbed. i could feel the child germs seeping into me through my skin, in every breath i took. i know, a bit paranoid, but you can never be too careful when facing the scourge that is cooties.


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