July 20, 2004

dreary dramatics

television update: woman dressed as oprah hitting a midget with a large stick. i have no lesson plan for my classes tomorrow. i think i may very well be forced to completely bs tomorrow's lesson plan, which is worse than i've yet had to do, but i'm seriously burned out on this whole teaching thing. i think i just need to get out of the house and away from my mother. now if i'm not with the kids, i'm with her, and this does not make for happy carla. i know, i know, i spent the weekend in la, away from all responsibility, but i want more, mooooore, waah! i'm feeling mildly anxious at night now, i can't comprehend why. there is drama in gilmore girl land, and the princess diary girl must get married or lose her little fictional country, and the madeover man on queer eye is terribly uptight. i need to make fun, i have too few friends up here, i want to be in la now. ah, well. rather want kisses and love. not going to happen. neck and back are sore from twisted sleep. last night was also remarkable for the chill in my feet. wore no socks, so i tucked my toes in beside my mattress for warmth. didn't work well enough. miserable shit of a time.


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