July 25, 2004

big weekend

big weekend. yesterday was spent at the beach with friends. drove all around with matt, very buddy-buddy. good time, saw all the old friends in that group. the water was freezey, but i still went in and frolicked in the waves. got completely dropped by one, mouthful of seawater, sand in my bottoms, one tit out of my top, rose up from the water convulsing with laughter. i haven't been to the beach in years. back on land, i had sushi, tossed around a football, buried matt, and was buried, myself. needless to say, after that i excused myself to the bathroom to peel the caked sand out of my suit. there was nothing to do about the sand in my hair until the party disbanded to reconvene at shahin's house and matt and i returned to our respective houses to shower. the most rewarding shower ever. scrubbed the sand out of every orifice, including nose! yech. shampooed all the sand out of my locks, so as not to freak out the hairdresser today. "there's silt in my sink!" so i'm getting a haircut today, and fortunately right now my hair is grand in all its long curly fluffy fuzzy glory. i'm going to go in today and the stylist is gonna cuss. so after the shower, i called kim for the first time since the fiasco and the anger. she called me earlier to say she's coming to the bay to visit next week, so i guess we're gonna hang out and all that good fun. i think i may have been a bit obsequious, "so glad you called...happy to hear from you...good good fun happy love love" eesh. i'm somewhere between looking forward to seeing her and rather reluctant about all that, as well. i really don't want to spend between one and four hours eating a crow in front of her. (next on fear factor!)


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