June 04, 2004

time dies

i stayed up till 4 working on my lab report in blaize and jim's room. i know it should not have taken so long, but i can't for the life of me figure out why it did. i think maybe i was watching blaize play halo in a distracting way. actually, that must be it. jim was nice to me, which was a novelty, also he admitted being a jerk to me most of the time, which was a miracle. if that's what sleepiness does to him, i think maybe i should hide a rabid wolverine under his bead to keep him awake at nights with scabbering and howl of rage. or maybe something that doesn't sound as crazy.i dreamed last night that i woke up late for my lab, which is at 2, and had to run down there and eat a proverbial crow and cower before the ta. great. i hate when i have dreams like that because i am left needlessly anxious. i've noticed that my last couple of entries have been terribly vain. i'll try not to do that so much anymore. i'm beginning to even irritate myself.


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