June 12, 2004

this is why i've lost faith in the male sex...

i love how, due to the unusual hours i keep, i can blog twice in a "day" yet have it appear as two days' posts. the boring art history asian sk8r twit imed me again tonight and i feel it is about time to update you all on the types of conversations we keep. i can see you all are titillated from here.

sk8r: you want to know what boggles my mind.
me: ummm, how indiana jones can fall out of planes in life rafts and fight nazis, and swing tarzan-style off of ships that are about to explode, but the only way he can get a woman is to antagonize her into bed?
sk8r: nope
damn, that's boggling my mind
8: we have quite different minds. would you like to know whats boggling mine?
yes, sure
8: i liked the way u used "antagonize" though.
uh, thanks
8: ok. well i was just pondering about. I dont understand how Ali, at age 32, was able to beat Foreman, at 24. Ali lost to fraizer in 15 rounds while Foreman destroyed fraizer in 2 rounds. Man. that shits drivin me crazy.
well, maybe he just wasn't "on" that day
8: no way. he was so vicious back then, foreman. now he's a teddy bear that sells grills.
anger management therapy?
8: no way! he found the "light." do you like that song by hoobastank?
which song?
8: the reason.
not bad
8: did you go for a swim?
hot tub, actually
8: i use to do that. then i didnt fit. i'd have my boogey board in there
haha, comfy (???)
8: i out grew it. i'd try to swim in there. i'd have my plastic bball, a small one, i was able to float i was staring at the ceiling and my head floated, along with the rest of my body. then i inhaled, i'd sink. exhaled, floated.
i can't really float. only half of me floats at any one time. i have to choose - head or feet- i have only enough bouyancy to suit half my body.
8: no womanly advantages? for floating.
(i only now get what he meant by that comment...)
none to speak of. i tend to founder in the water.
8: i dont know if u can tell or not. i like the conversations we have. its fun eventhough they would seeem soooo meaningless. the tub floating thing isnt meaningless. it was my childhood!!! hahaha
pruney childhood
8: pruney?
as in fingers, toes. when you stay in the water too long
8: ooooh, wrinkley?
8: i didnt know. is it because they resemble prunes?
yep (what the fuck? is this concept really all that difficult to grasp?)
8: ok i really need a life or something. i've listened to Reason at least, 20 times . ina row.
wow. (oh, please god do not let this have anything to do with the fact that i "like" the song) you must be awfully fond of that song, then
8: just lost in a trance. i crossed paths with yet again another person that i thought could have been u.
(oh god, this has to be the 3rd) except i've been out of town all weekend
8: haha! funny how the mind works. i dont even care anymore. its like... charlies angels or big brother.
in what way? i could be anyone anywhere, following you, ahead of you, hiding in bushes, behind trees?
8: nope. u missed the analogy! our identities shalll never be revealed.
ooh, that
8: haha. but its cool. we're kinda like penpals.
*time passes, more shit conversation*
8: its so beautiful when someone reads. Its art. with their glasses. Underneath the light.
lovely image
8: you're playing along again and you know it.
...you got me
8: how come you just didnt say "no its not"
well, it is sort of. also a bit cliched
8: it is? i didnt know.
meh, whatever. don't worry about it
8: i wont, then.

-end of relevance, next slide-
8: so you do appreciate our conversations too?
yeah, they're fun. (i lie)
8: dope. they are intoxicating. i get high off of our conversations.
...good to hear. (scream!)

-this one is creepy-
8: it'd be fun running crazy in savons n checkin out all the shit they have with that someone that makes u feel soo good when you're with them. late at night. you know. you dont even care if its at savons cuz you two are having so much fun together just being in the company of each other. and then u walk home together n its ok cuz you live close to one another. like... alll the way in the night. like... 2 am cuz its opened 24 /7
(i have no idea what the fuck to say to that...) that is a cool thing(...)
8: you understand..
(aaaah!! he thinks i'm wonderful, why else would he say that, so creepy, noooo! i'm not your perfect girl, i'm not into you, i'm not some concept! get a life and stop trying to impress me, i don't care!)

-and finally-
8: Hey Carla
8: not tired?
no, never
8: i'm studying for my psychobiology class right now
8: do you have a picture of you?
8: may i see? I 'll send you my picture too
*time passes*
8: carla?
ah sorry, went to the bathroom. (damn dirty lie)
ah, i don't think i actually have a pict anymore...sorry. ('nother lie. i's so bad.)
8: aw, ok. you drive my curiousity wild
sorry. (all good things come in 3's...)

kat says he wants to add me to his spank bank. that didn't even occur to me, but what can i say? i'm just a special one-of-a-kind girl. the kind you take home to mother. *shudder*


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