June 24, 2004

this is honestly what i think about...

part 2 of breast theory:

if underwire bras engender feminine wiles, then what does bralessness cause? spent some time today at a friend's house in exactly that state (took off the bra for comfort and forgot to put it on before i went out) and here are my meditations.

we live in a society that hates and fears the nipple. bras are padded so that the odd protrusion does not appear on a brisk morning. if a nipple does happen to venture out of doors, chaos might ensue. to avoid this potential mess, special areas are designated "nipple ranges," where nipples may roam free. these topless beaches, locker rooms, and nudist colonies are walled, fenced off, and hedged to prevent inadvertent exposure. a nipple was accidentally exposed during this past super bowl and all hell broke loose, causing the levying of stricter strictures on broadcast media. people pay extra money to be able to see nipples on television. now, with such a prejudice against nipples, one can become quite paranoid when there is nothing between nips and the outside world but the thin fabric of a worn t-shirt. another important consideration is the movement of the fabric. bras move with you, but t-shirts are loose and rubby. that's physical stimulus, that is. in addition, there is the bounce factor. (more a problem for larger-breasted women, not i.)

but there are benefits, as well. t-shirt fabric is soft and flowing. there is no pinching, binding, or jabbing from underwire and straps. it's quite freeing.

so between the two, we women are torn. paranoia or empowerment. physical comfort or psychological comfort. it leaves one a bit confused. why were all those militant feminists so misguided? (marine bicycles, anyone?) i assert it was due to mildly unsettling influences of unfettered breasts. now, i do not insist that boobs should be restrained, in fact, i am a strong proponent of hanging free, no, i believe the fault lies with society's vilification of the nipple. forgive me, but i find nothing terribly unsettling about those little nubbins, nothing frightening, nothing subversive. they were our first source of sustenance, what is so wrong about that? i also find nothing terribly erotic about them, but, hey, that's not really my area of expertise, anyway.

so what effect does bralessness have on a woman. i maintain that it creates a feeling of fun and freedom. there is something subversive about going braless (due to society's reaction to the breast, rather than the objects, themselves). it is slightly naughty to let the gals roam free, and it is much more comfortable. so while underwire creates feminine wiles, scheming, cattiness, and vamp, bralessness causes a more natural sensuality, untainted by the artificiality of straps and wire and cup size. at the same time, there is an element of paranoia and fear in that state. so before i begin a feminist diatribe against public opinion, i'll just end by saying that while bralessness is in its way freeing, it does come along with its own dangers and pitfalls. the end.


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