June 24, 2004

one great mind that should never be quoted...

things i said today:

you never write in your blog anymore, how will i ever know what goes on in your life?
answer: you might actually have to talk to me! gasp!

you're so dorothy (dorky, hee!)

i'll bring my computer tomorrow

(to my father (of non-period feminine pads)) well, they're for random vaginal discharges

(and) uuh, well it's reported that scientists have found a gland in women that is like the male prostate...

(as well as, (oh god)) ...it's thought o maybe be the elusive "g-spot"...b-b-because it..has a lot of nerve...endings...uh...nerves...uh. (shoot me)

sure, i'll work saturday!

you forgot me, but you remember my i-pod??

it's like the rate-determining step (chem allusion in real life situations, ungh)

you're so my girlfriend

i want to work here because you pay me better

hey, well, now (that i'm teaching) i'll actually have a reason (to hate children)!


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