June 19, 2004

octorok 'n roll

i had pledged not to blog until finals had ended. of course, since this pledge was not spoken aloud, nor did it invoke any deities or deceased relatives, last night i began a new post while cramming for chem. i scrapped the entry shortly after, as my survival instinct won out over my slacker instinct. for several hours after that, i sat entrenched in my room, papers strewn around me, muttering to myself about molecules and reactions. the longer i went, the less coherent i became. i started finding my studies to be more and more amusing and my mutterings became louder and more disjointed. a steady soundtrack of classic rock accompanied me on merry educational journey, and i started developing a pronounced tickle in my throat.

this little organic molecule is "carvone," which has to be the best molecule name i have ever heard. it makes him sound like an italian mobster...or maybe entrée. in my opinion he looks a bit like an octorok. (the dots are for placing.)
\_/ \\_
/ \_/
. . . \\
. . . . o

around 6:45, i had had enough, and had covered everything but the last 2 lessons in detail. of course, those lessons were the new material and the focus of the final, but by then i was too faded to care. i laid my head down for a mental break for about half an hour, took a scalding hot shower, and slammed back a frapuccino, and bolted out the door. i took my final, a real killer, and when i finished, staggered back to my room, arms folded and head down for support. the entire time, i had hendrix's spanish castle magic stuck in my head.

i got back to the room and started packing up my piles of clothing, throwing everything in giant plastic bags and duffels. never realized i had so much crap! my dad showed up and stalked around a bit as i packed up the rest of my room in a haze for the next few hours. a haze of exhaustion and pain, until finally i had everything packed up. i do have much too much stuff. in the bathroom, foot powder i have never used, two bonus cans of shaving creme, hair gunk that basically makes my hair gunky. the one time i used my blow-dryer it sucked my hair in and i got stuck. desk drawers i never opened or looked in to, full of things never used. i have an inhuman ability to accumulate papers about me like nesting rat. everything was piled into the car at my father's increasingly loud protestations.

we grabbed lunch, the while, father was talking about the cost of feeding the family, and our neighbors' habit of eating out every night. the depreciation of his car and proper nutrition. by then, i was exhausted near tears. i ran out with the excuse of wanting to say goodbye to friends. ran into jim, who was for once kind; a blessing because i was nearly hysterical by then. i ran back to my room and picked up the last of my things, said goodbye to chau, and met dad to take everything else to the car. no, wait! forgot my towels. oh! and my posters! ah, crap! my lawn gnome and orchid, too. a brief but unsteady wait to check out and i was free. and nearly out of my mind. at this point i let the desperation creep into my voice and got leave from my father to sleep the entire way home. thanks.

i slept in hour long jumps in the car, with a walk around a freeway rest stop after about 4 hours. i saw the best truckers ever! they were like the essence of truckers distilled down into a frothy caffeinated double-shot of truckin' goodness with just a hit of rock 'n roll and rum. they drove into the rest stop in their big rigs, big-bellied, graying beards, black t-shirt and tank top, dark sunglasses. got drinks and snacks from the vending machines and hung about, slinging back their juice and just lookin' awesome. they even raised their bottles in salute of another trucker, who i assume they knew, as he drove by. i nearly squealed with joy! i want a trucker of my very own!! so hard core, so rock and roll. toes to tits, baby, toes to tits.

for the rest of the ride, i watched a new hope, that's star wars, baby. this made me laugh:
luke: but i was going into toche(?) station to pick up some power converters!
uncle: you can play with your friends later.
me: ...my friends are people.

got back home, the rest is pretty uneventful. i really need to kick back now, though. so anyone got the hook up on any happenings? eh, eh?


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