June 07, 2004

i need...

i have 98% decided two things: i am going to switch to an english major and i am going to drop 30a. i feel a lot happier. much less stress. the other 2% is talking to my parents and actually doing both things. i really hope i don't wuss out, i can be such a pussy sometimes, usually with anything big. i just took a lovely nap and it looks the same heavy grey outside that it did this morning. i terribly need a hug right now, i think i need someone to hold me and tell me i'm making the right choice, though i believe i'll still go through with it without all of that. unrelatedly, i also need a back massage. so many terribly late nights these past two weeks hunched in front of my computer and my neck and shoulders feel frozen in this hunchey position. the way through my heart is through the tensey shoulders in my back. great.


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