June 30, 2004

here today, sleep tomorrow

lips are still sore. it occurred to me it might be a sunburn. glanced in the mirror today and saw they were really light, like i was wearing frosted lipgloss. turns out they were white with small flaking bits of skin. i'm wearing enough chapstick to make them a uniform texture, and the effect is almost pretty from a distance, but up close it's a bit scary. mental note: spf chapstick from now on. the canker sore is worse. i bought some medication for it today on the way home. it's numbing, but not enough for complete relief. i got a bit bored and used it to numb my entire mouth. then i sat pursing my lips and stretching them taught by turns. strange sensation.

i'm terribly tired. i napped today in the backseat of the car for an hour during my break between classes. very reminiscent of second quarter when i'd do the same on the leather window seats in the kerchoff gallery. woke up sweltery warm and with a crick in my neck. aaaah, memories. i was surprisingly refreshed. i'm getting a bit tired now, though, so i think i'll go to bed shortly.

class today was alright. talky girl in my second period behaved herself pretty well. i like my second class better than the first. i'm afraid that my fist period gets sort of shafted because i don't know what i'm doing going in. also they're not as advanced as the other class, mathematically, so i'm not so sure what to teach them. tomorrow, though, fractions and smoothies! yaaay!

jeff imed me today. for the first time since finals. seems a lot farther away than it really was. i was civil, which is an impressive feat for me, considering my raving bitchdom. but i was tired. and i promised sadaf i wouldn't hurt him with mean words. he asked what i was doing and i told him i was teaching. it's really amazing how little he knows about my life, i keep realizing. he used to know so much about me. ah well. such is life.

i bought kat's birthday present today, can't tell you what it is, but i think she'll dig it. i'm slowly climbing out of my pit of bad gifts. no more buying people asinine books of cartoons because i spent all their present money on green shoes. no more painting pictures just for people, only to give them poor kinkos prints because i've become too attached to the original. hell, i'm spending more on her than i normally ever do for gifts, so she damn better well like it. like i told her, after this, she had better put out. i also got sex and lucia for myself, hee. the credit card bill is going to be rather high this month. oh well.

i'm watching the blues brothers' mall rampage on television right now. quality cinema, that is. still, i like my spanish film better. i'm hungry now. dinner was somehow flavorless, i don't know why. more mouth issues, i guess. i did eat some honey afterward. very good stuff, came from one of dad's personal training clients - he keeps bees. it was delicious. it tasted really raw, sort of herby. not nearly as sterile as store-bought stuff.

alright. it's my bedtime. i'm spent. night y'all.


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