June 10, 2004

good times

i find myself bored and hyper in turns. i've been sleeping an enormous amount. chem cannot be dropped so there is a tiny pit of panic in my stomach. my face has had that cold flush of fear at least one every day for the past 3 days. i'm feeling surprisingly good-natured, nonetheless. it's all the sleep. i'm somewhere between company-starved and reclusive. i've been leaving enigmatic away messages on instant messenger when i am really there. today: i have run off with a troupe of carnies to join the bankers' trust and, using our unique skills, beat the odds and make our names in the world of high finance. don't wait up, i may be gone a while. oh yeah, number 1 hardcore. ...no. i get the urge every so often to stare at people blankly, following them with my eyes. i do this whenever jim flips me "the bird." every time i try this with chau, we get into a staring contest. she always wins. i'm amazed at how long i can go without blinking, though. i have also been drawing a lot on photoshop. i made a "no noose" sign that kat and i noticed in the background of a flash game and i drew an interesting portrait till about 5 am last night. i'm going to go o-chem now, i really ought to, after all. perhaps i'll finish reading the chapter i've been reading for the past two days. or i might just draw some more.


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