June 23, 2004

good summer, strange feelings

yesterday i drove mum around all morning, did my laundry, and lounged about. matt invited me to a fancy dinner for an unspecified time...of course i thought it was that night so i didn't eat mum's good cookin' and got really confused. i dined much later on leftover california rolls and special k (redberries). no, i don't feel vaguely stupid. started work today, back at the cookware store. the costume store has been calling and i work there on sat. that'll be slightly odd, going back. seeing adana will be cool (though ultimately tedious), diane will whine about her irritable bowls (really!) or something, and i will be stared at uncomfortably by karsten (someone else unappealing who thinks i'm a rather special gal). he asked me to dinner "in honor of my leaving" last summer and i couldn't say no. and asked me out again over winter break, though in that case, i told him i didn't know my schedule and would get back to him and never did. he once said to me: once i went to college, i would be completely out of his league. (p.s. he's 27, i've known him for like 3 years, there is no league, only vague discomfort.) yeesh. i insist he's not creepy, just going through a late-twenties crisis "i'm not becoming anything, i'm not going anywhere." no career, no life, no wife. don't want to go back to work at the costume store, but i have no spine, so i am going to old work, and to be honest, when i agreed to go, it was perfectly natural and easy. so "once more into the breech dear friends," or something along those line, i'm watching good will hunting right now, not henry the fifth (class-ay). some time tonight, i believe kat and i are going to rent and watch sex and the city (sex in the city?) and eat ice cream and giggle girlishly and talk about shoes, teee-hee! but, that's eventually...now, i wait and watch tv with my dad.


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