June 22, 2004

fun 'n whinging

love interest: "i thought you were dead"
hasslehoff: "i was - but now i'm better"

the glorious lines in a david hasselhoff, i'm a cocky bad-ass spaceman with an eyepatch, leather jacket, and an axe to grind (who reaaaly can't act), movie. to be honest, though, i often think the same punchline, myself, in random occasions when it comes up. (the blame lies with monty python, bless it's soul.)

defeated villainess "i will see you in hell for this"
hasselhoff: "we'll do lunch"

i have had the urge to post every day for the past three days. i went around saturday in a flowy gray prom skirt and superman shirt (no bra) and felt awesome and alternative. went for coffee with sadaf and her cousin and delighted to hear sadaf sternly advise her young relation against drinking, "you don't need to have fun!" (she still maintains that she said "you don't need to, to have fun," but i prefer my version.) sunday, kat and i watched city of lost children, which i rather loved.

hasselhoff (to his bad-ass love): "what i'm tryin' to say is, maybe i lost more than my job when i parted with s.h.e.i.l.d., and maybe it took a dose of me dyin' to figure that out."

i took my gimpy mom out today on errands. in the process, we stopped at a small shop run by a brazilian woman my mum knows. i got a nice bra (big girl underthings) and a sexy orange crepe top. wore the sexy little tank today to see dodgeball with a whole group of my friends (yay, friends!). after, i went to matt's and watched the ends of eurotrip (i admit that harriet the spy has grown up pretty hot, but maintain that it's creepy to oogle a girl you've seen grown up) and se7en (i prefer scruffy brad).

john stewart (of clinton's claim he would have confessed his affair had there been no ken starr): "i'll say this one thing about clinton: his integrity is his highest when the situation is at its most hypothetical."

got a ride back where i found an im from jeff waitin' on my comp. while we were at the movie he left a message on sadaf's voicemail, too, to the tune of "sorry i missed your call, i was out of town, you, me, and carla can hang out some time this week (please), so just call." now, last time i was out with happy (sadaf) she used my phone to leave him a message offer that he hang out with us. for my part, i left the decision entirely up to her; i did not give a shit. still don't. still irritated at him, that you can probably see, and i understand the he probably misconstrued my involvement in the invite. so to come home to a "we will surely hang out later" im, i was mildly irritated. so for your pleasure, my 4:45 am conversation with jeff last week, our first non-accidental conversation in months, during my thursday all-nighter for my o-chem final:

jeff: so ... what are you doing up at this lovely hour?
me: (uuunghh) i am cramming for o-chem
jeff: aaah, i am sorry, then. i have a paper to finish, myself.
me: my head hurts, i'm mildly dizzy, i just pulled a large chunk of skin off my thumb and i am finding chem to be increasingly funny. these may or may not be signs of insanity. (bitch. bitch. bitch.)
jeff: well, if it's funny, you know it's not done-y
jeff: whoo
me: never say that to me again. (unggh pun evil, i sleepy)
jeff: yes, maybe not
me: seriously.
jeff: oh, now you can be serious?
jeff: hmmm
jeff: oh, and by the way, your font looks like my ass
jeff: not very pretty
jeff: and hairy
jeff: but enough about my gorgeous figure ... are you leaving tomorrow night, then?
me: (what the fuck?) uuuh...thanks.
me: late afternoon i think.
jeff: mm, fun
jeff: 8 am final, then?
jeff: and ... do you plan to sleep?
me: god, yes.
me: and proabaly not
jeff: you should ...
jeff: insanity is not pleasant for the attempts at o-chem
jeff: but i'm not your mother
jeff: in fact, i like your mother (what?)
jeff: i would never try to replace her
me: (what the fuck, that's good, i like her too.) ...from your writing now i take it the paper is not going so well
jeff: hah
jeff: actually i'm almost done
jeff: but i am trying to alternately write and pack my room
jeff: i'm leaving at 10am
jeff: paper's due at noon
me: ah, at least you get to sleep some, then
jeff: umm, no
jeff: no sleep for me
me: pity. someone should get to sleep.
jeff: oh, yang2 is (his girlfriend)
jeff: she is sleeping muchly
me: well, good for her then (don't actually care)
jeff: anyway, we'll talk about her later (no)
jeff: we'll talk later (doubtful)
jeff: we'll later (dumbass)
jeff: LATER WEEEE! (yesh)
jeff: ok ... we should go to a concert when i find one that's worthwhile (no)
jeff: back home sometime
jeff: we'll do that (no)
jeff: ok ... bye carla ...
me: bye jeff
jeff: hope finals goin' well ... i'll see you back home, then
me: thanks, hope you get the paper done without too many odd leaps of logic
me: night

sadaf wants me to hang out with them if he calls some time next week. i just don't want to. i'm such a bitch; i have no desire to play friendly with someone who has disappointed me so greatly. i will, because i am being unreasonable. i will because sadaf wants me to. but i don't know how i am going to reconcile my desire to not be an asshole and my desire to not be fake (to be an asshole).

oh well, i'm not gonna worry about it so much. gonna continue to dress cutely and flounce about, heee. i should be in bed now, buuut...no. ah well. i'll just be sleepy tomorrow morning quite a bit.


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