June 03, 2004

deary me

hiccups at 4 am. i've been sitting in the lounge for the past hour and a half or so with my laptop and tablet, lookin pretty but no one's awake at 3 am to see me there cross-legged and furiously drawing with big sweeps of my hand. i ended up abandoning my lab report and drawing a graffiti snake. i felt so rock and roll, toes to tits. (ever since i read that in girls are pretty, that phrase has been in my head.) i had thought of something in there that i wanted to write about, but the hiccups have driven all thought from my mind. i'm trying not to hiccup too loudly and wake chau. fortunately, i have sugar and water, that remedy may be had. i have class tomorrow that i desperately do not want to go to, but i think i must. i will. fuck. a lit major is looking more and more promising to me, as i think about it. but, oh dear, whatever will i do with that? i've become nocturnal. what would my parents say, they, who have tried so hard to make me have a regular sleep schedule? ah well. i think i must sleep now. perhaps tomorrow i'll write a story. goodnight.


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