May 06, 2004

vile sow

so once again, i was slated to meet with my horrid, vile lab partner today, at "the same time as thursday." 3:00. 3, you vile imbecile, 3!!!

so i'm in class, waiting for the ta to hand back a paper and at 2:50, i hear, "vrrrrrrrrrt! vrrrrrrrrrrrrt!" my phone vibrates in my pack. the vibrations cease, then a quick "zzt! zzt!" indicates i have recieved a viocemail. i clutch my quaking bag to my chest, thinking, shit! i know exactly who it is. i am positive. i would bet money on it. my hands shake and blood boils. i have been called by my lab partner. 10 minutes early.

i get my paper back and then out in the hall, to check my messages, and this is what i was left.
"hi, carla, this is john. i'm in covel waiting for you, um if you don't want to meet, i have some studying to do. i'm going to wait here for another 10 minutes, but after that i'm going to go home and we can do the lab on the phone or something."


the second i hang up, my phone rings again. it's john, my lab partner, who wants to go home that he may study. so i, walking back from class, need to stop in the middle of a big ol' grassy area and pull out my notebooks and papers and write down the info i still need over the phone to write our conclusion. papers flying in the breeze, on my knees on a muddy grassy hill. so now i have to write the conclusion on my own or else get blamed for not pulling my weight, as if i do not have the same midterm to study for.

i want to stab him with a hundred burning pins. a hundred and one!! as if i don't have class and tests and work of my own. as if i should have been there waiting for him. what a dense, solely self-attentive balloon! that ass! uuuuuaaaaghh!! he deserves to die the death of a thousand herpes!!!

...and then, an hour and a half later, he has the nerve to call and wake me from my nap to give me the last data bit i need...

as if he couldn't have just e-mailed.