May 23, 2004

music and muscle (no, that has nothing to do with anything)

i woke up in the morning (1:20, 1:30. 2:00) to three rings of my alarm clock: (2) american jesus - bad religion, (1) closer - nin. now, sitting on my bed, trying to build up the willpower to get up, i can hear "i, i just died in your arms tonight, musta been something ya said..." faint and grainy across the courtyard. i just realized that i'm a lot more busy this week than i had originally expected. i have to research and write 4 pages of an 8-page paper by wednesday, do a both a postlab and a prelab by friday, and cram for a midterm (same day). i also have a friend from home visiting today and another visiting early in the week, both of whom i have to entertain, or else be considered a horrible host. have to call the parents, as well, and some time in there, pack. yuck yuck yuck. i need someone to sit in the room while i do all this and read or something, quietly not distracting me and entertaining me at intervals. alright, by now, i've showered, dressed, and typed up and sent out my portion of the lab data. i must brush my hair, call suegol and see what she's up to and possibly entertain her. i should probably also wake up kat, seeing as i should have done that 2 hours ago for breakfast (i am her weekend alarm clock) and then start work on researching my essay (or hanging out with suegol). and then i really need to start studying for chem midterm. and i havn't even mentioned food yet... if it weren't for the siren cry of my computer, video games, books, movies, and friends, this would all be so easy. alright, time to get crackin'.


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