May 03, 2004

little girl days

I have begun regressing back into childhood. i am a twelve-year-old girl. i am an awkward preteen making moon eyes at older boys. i am your tomboy younger sister. i am every sad round-faced little girl who just wants to be grown-up and glamorous and slick. i am a wide-eyed cupie doll in a little pink ruffled frock.

fuck this all. i don't know what the problem is. increasingly i feel like some child. some awkward, chubby, geeky little thing who no one quite likes. shit! i am regressing. i'm nearly 20 and i'm back in the mindframe of my 12-year-old self. not entirely, though. i'm some bizarre hybrid of myself at different ages. i don't like this, obviously not. i grew out of this shit years ago.

it doesn't help that jim keeps getting me in a headlock. he did it twice today! stupid boy. now i really feel 12.


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