May 15, 2004

if the grinch stole my mind...

step one: it should be noted that i am drunk. dizzy drunk. if i move too fast i'll tip over drunk. but my brain function is unimpeded, yay!

i have jasmine and a fake flower of some sort at my temple, my hair is held back in chopsticks, i have on a white tank top, hot pink bra, and primary-color sarong i got in venezuela. the theme tonight is "tropical."

if you haven't guess by now, i just got back from a frat party and let me tell you, what a night. kat got back late from her little date, so it was 1 before we are actually able to head out the door, two shots, each, under out belts for warmth and moral support, we get down to strathmore (and it's a miracle that i remember the street name at all), and i feel fine, but as we keep walking i become more and more inebriated until i'm staggering around a bit. alcohol takes effect. kat and i are both a bit out of it (i attribute it to a small dinner) and making jokes about mario world (very enthusiastic) and looney tunes ("you take the low road...") and getting eyed by guys on the street. the cops, however, severe buzzkill, have landfair blocked off in the direction we want to go. "turn around, ladies. what part of turn around did you not understand." eesh. slow reaction time - i'm drunk! i get a bit worried, not paranoid mind you, because they have a couple of kids in custody, one arm pinned behind backs and escorted around. so we have to turn around and take a different cross street, which is where the song about irish paths comes along...

so we get there alright, even though the cops do have areas cordoned off, and straightaway are hit on by a burly footballero. he is yucky, touches my ass even before he introduces himself. shake him off, inside then outside again, looking for jim, and we turn around and two guys approach us in a sort of "you're two girls, we're two guys, let us become friends" sort of way. mine was called alex. we chatted. he's a fifth year engineer of some sort - i was a bit hazy then so the details escape me - and thought it was so novel that i am a green little first year, condescending twip. back inside, still trying to find jim, and on the dance floor. i'm approached by a white boy with an unnervingly steady smile. i mean seriously, this guy could be in a mentodent commercial. oh, wait, i don't know if mentodent is a real product or if it's just a mint/breath freshener/toothpaste-type product that exists only in my head. (cross between mentos and trident, mayhaps?)

so toothy asks me to dance and we do, kat goes off somewhere or another and i am left with this guy for 3 songs or so. not bad looking and not extremely interesting. in fact, he never did introduce himself or ask my name. so we dance and it seems he does not understand the concept of anything other than 2/4 time and his moves reflect that. it's all side-to-side and in a circle with a half-boner poking me in the hip. flattering, actually, though inside i'm laughing at the irony. little does mentodent know that i'm on my period and haven't shaved my legs for a month. pity that even drunk, i'm still myself because i'm sure i had a wry smile on my lips the entire time, and at one point i nearly dissolved into giggles. lucky for him he was behind me and couldn't see the expression on my face, or else it would have completely destroyed his illusion of conquest. slightly unnerving was how every time i look up, i see the exact same smile on toothy's face, unwavering! at least this guy isn't too gropey, although i do find at one point i have to re-adjust my skirt so it falls right, though that was more the effect of friction. hell, for most of the dancing, this guy is holding one of my hands (sweet).

i make an excuse to get away from mentodent guy (who kisses the side of my head as i go. sweet.) and find kat, who is chatting up some boy. between rotations with toothy, i caught glimpses of her exhibiting-bad-dancing boy and i laughed at the sight of them. go to say hi and he says something about me getting my grind on. well, i'm a shameless dancer, i guess, or rather, so long as my partner does not try to grope my azores, or new zeland, i will put up with almost anything. even bad rhythm.

for me, dancing is simply an exercise in self-glorification. the movement of the hands and the hips - it's all about my own center and my own movement. i don't so much care about what my partner does as long as i am moving.

shortly thereafter i am asked to dance by a diminutive hispanic, peter, and i accept. as bad a dancer as the other was, this one has skill. he spins me, dips me, and does intricate cross-over hand things. it was like swing dancing again, but for the one-two-rock-stop. i am so pleased i laugh out loud and he is impressed that i follow his lead. i guess most girls aren't used to fancy dance (non-grind). we ballroom dance to ac/dc, lovely! haha! it is an excellent thing to dance with a competent partner, and even better with someone who can tear it up.

over the course of the evening, and we were at the party for what had to have been less than an hour, i become acquainted with at least half a dozen more boys whose names i do not catch. we do finally find jim and masha, kat gets a number, and we leave at last. on the way out peter calls "ciao!" at me and i laugh again. not attractive, but seriously fun. we stagger back to the rooms, tired, but loquacious as ever, and i return to my place to chat and blog the events of the night. a frat party that went severely well, i am pleased!

upon returning, i am imed from several directions, and in my compromised state make friendly with people, nearly falling back on my bed at every slightest violent head movement. kenny, the art histroy classmate i have never met in person "wants to get to know me better" and rexy talks about himself, then apologizes. kat goes to bed early. i listen to pink floyd for the first time in months. i have to say, this was an excellent evening, and if my head did not grow three sizes this night (recognize the reference?...hint: it's in the title), then i'll be very impressed. if only the rest of the weekend goes as well! (although it is almost certain to, as i got my books in the mail and will have excellent literature to keep me entertained if human contact fails to impress.) it's 4 am, and time for bed, but i wish all the best. goodnight!


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