May 26, 2004

head stabbey

i'm in the middle of a paper and i'm just desperate for things to distract me. it has been very disappointing, actually. usually when i'm quite dedicated to something, people always come to me with fun things to do, stupid demands, and obnoxious problems. today, nothing. i'm painfully free to work on my paper, and after that my cpr assignment for my chem lab, and after that study for my chem midterm. and every cell in my stupid, stupid body wants to do something else. i want to watch a movie, i want to laugh and play, i want to go for a run. i hate running! and there's no one around to distract me. beyond that, i'm too principled to just sit down and dedicatedly slack. no, i must find a thousand tiny things to interrupt me. i could have downloaded and watched a movie and then gone back to work, sated, but no. of course that would be bad, so i merely sit here and look for apartment furnishings online. and now i'm blogging, deliberate dodge, anyone? i only have a fucking half page to go. this is so sad.


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