May 30, 2004

fruits and my loins

mom woke me up this morning when she stole all of my clothing. everything, but the socks and panties i was already wearing, that is. so when i got out of bed i was left with little option. i dug into my closet for the remnants - the ill-fitting pants and unflattering shirts i did not bring down to college with me. ended up in an old favorite pair of jeans that are too torn to wear about and a lightly stained thinning cotton shirt that was my mum's in the 70's. braless (mum stole them), and i look as adorable as ever. very au natural and girlish. my hair is long in waves down my back, and i've finally figured out what people mean when they say they like it long. it's being lovely just now and i've pledged to not get it cut much shorter anymore. this suits me much better. maybe i'll add a bra to the ensemble tonight if i go out. (or maybe pants with an ass and unventilated knees.) the laundry is done by now, so i at least have all that back.

i had a cherimoya today, mmmm... green fruit, tropical. looks rather foreboding - has scaly impresses all over its tough-looking green skin. in reality, the skin can be pierced with a butter-knife or even a spoon. i sat there and for breakfast scooped out the milky white pulp and sucked the curved black seeds. i've been craving one of those for the longest time - haven't had one since i was a kid. delish! it's lovely here, truly. i'm not twanging so much anymore, but i'm not back to normal yet. it's funny, when i'm in la, i don't really notice the change. but it's lovely here. calm, sunny, earth-tones. i want to stay longer, not leave tomorrow, fully recover. i'll be back soon enough, though. another month of school, then i'm out.

speaking of that, though, i've been asked out - sort of - by two different guys within a week. either my luck is changing, or the universe is setting me up for another fall. perhaps this is just redress for jim. there almost seems no point, though, with the time constraints. number on one is the guy from art history who it seems i have intrigued. i think his curiosity finally got the best of him -hee! poor boy, though, took me off guard and i'm afraid i pulled a karsten on him. or rather, i pulled the same thing on him as i did with karsten. "i'm really busy right now and i'm not sure what my upcoming schedule will be, so why don't i get back to you when i get the chance." oops. i'm going to hell. boy only asked to lunch, so perhaps i will take him up on that - he seems pretty harmless and i can probably put him off with my personality (no effort at all). i mean - it's been working wonders so far.

guy number two contacted me through the onion. cute enough in his pict, interesting enough online. not trying so obviously hard as the other one. lives in la, goes to cal, so we're pretty much geographically switched. 20, rhetoric major (oh dear, how many zen and the art references will i make before i get him to snap), good name: morgan, offered to take me on a tour of la. any way you fold it, it seems i have something to keep me occupied until finals.

this weekend has been the weekend of foreign language films. yes, i know, this could get pretentious, but i assure you, it's not...yet. i downloaded run lola run during the week and watched it friday in the airport. the effect was rather ruined by the musak playing just a bit too loud over the terminal. excellent movie, very good. loved the red-filtered post-coital smoking in bed scene, not quite what you'd expect, but i loved the air of humor in the dialogue, and i loved the way they dealt with the alternate realities.

next, was y tu mama tambien, which i watched with my family, all sitting around on a saturday night like a perfect, wholesome sitcom family, the cleavers. except we weren't watching the heartwarming it's a wonderful life, we were watching the sexual experimentation of two adolescents as they traveled across the mexican countryside. oh dear. actually, the movie was quite good, though i don't feel it lived up to all the hype i've heard. it even made the "favorite sex scene" entry in many of the onion personals i've read, which prompts me to wonder, which sex scene were they referring to? the quick half-dressed pre-flight screw at the beginning of the movie? the pair of awkward adolescent/older woman "prematurely" terminated tenures? or perhaps the boys' first three-way... with each other? so much gold in the coffers to choose from. kat points out that there really isn't much in the way of competition, and i'd have to agree. any of these scenes was nakeder than just about anything i've seen in an american-made r-rated movie, however, i can't say my foray into film has really run along those lines, so i'm not the best judge.

personally, i much preferred sex and lucia, another spanish-language film that i picked up. i remembered seeing the cover art before and was intrigued, so i grabbed it on a whim, but it turns out to be my favorite of the three, i think. actually, i would need to watch them all again to form a more definitive decision, preferably without my folks there spoiling my mood by calling out things like, "wow, she's really a slut!" or "haha, they're maricos!" (not so much awkward as mildly irritating) actually, sex and lucia brought me close to tears (not very close, i'm really a cold-hearted bitch sometimes, but close enough), so highest marks for that one!

saw so many beautiful naked spanish women this weekend, though, that i should be developing a compley any time now. actually, i think it had to be more confidence-inspiring than anything and all these women were super-gorgeous. so maybe one of these days i'll grow a spine. at the very least, i have some new excellent movies to put on the list of eventual dvd purchases. peace out, all!


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