May 04, 2004

feminine wiles for evil

so this weekend was full of drama. drama not my fault. there was a drug bust, a missing person, and a reconciliation. kim and i, it seems, are friends again, and i don't know how. she calls for closure, the conversation starts all angry and hurt on her side and not apologetic on mine. she says i don't have to bother being her friend anymore, and then, somehow, we end up having a normal, though halting, conversation. before we hang up she says she'll call me again. i am really confused.

so i woke up today at 2, having skipped art history, to answer my ringing ringing phone. 'twas my mummy. whatever. i do my morning websurf and then shower, to clean my grimy oily hair and my sticky sweaty body. so nice to be cool and clean! i have to meet my horrid lab partner at 3, so i shower kind of quickly, worried i'll be late. just as i am stepping out of the shower at about 2:47, my phone rings. i go to pick it up and it's labpartner. "hello carla? it's john. um, i'm in the covel lobby right now."
me: "(deadpan and dripping) okay."
him: "where are you?"
me: "my room." (so obvious.)
him: "okaaay..." (as in "okaaaay, why are you there, you should be here.)
me: "we're supposed to meet at 3, right?"
him: "yeah."
me: "you're early." (water pouring off of me.)
him: "i get out of class in covel at 2:50."
me: "..." (i'm soaking into the floor)
"well, i'll be down there in 10 or 15 minutes."
him: "alright." (when his voice says that it's obviously not alright i make him wait.)

soo...obviously i should have been down in the covel lobby waiting for him to show up, or i should have shown up promptly as he did. unfortunately, we had agreed to meet at 3, and 3 was when i had planned on showing up. so why was i not there early? because the world does not revolve around your secret little plans, you scab!! aaagh!! i seriously dislike this guy.

so, i showed up 5 minutes late, dressed all pretty, my freshly-washed hair down in curls around my shoulders, and a smile and a sweet, "i'm sorry i'm late, but you called just as i was stepping out of the shower." (chew on that! hahahaha!) we got a little done before it came out that neither of us had the revised protocol, whereupon i promptly suggested that we disband and meet again on thursday to finish, protocol procured. (partly to get the hell out of there, partly because i know we're missing a lot of info without it, and partly because it's less convenient for him.) so i suggest we each do the separate parts on our own and convene on thurs to do the conclusion, give him my screenname, over which he puzzles. m-r-locks-stole-m-y-b-b-y? and i smile and, without explanation, flounce off, calling behind me, "bye!" (sadistic grin.)

suddenly, i don't feel like so much of a child anymore. i have learned how to use my feminine wiles for evil, evil, not good! it's only taken me 19 years to figure out how to do so, too! and all it took was one truly obnoxious guy to spur me on, one guy that i wanted to torture and dominate (not in a sex way, no, ew, but rather in a power way), to bring out the evil in me. buahaha, yay!


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