May 25, 2004

all lies

carla at 3 am:
you can tell it's late at night because i've begun telling strange stories...
ever hear the one about the one-armed woodsman?
well, he came to la to make it big in the pictures, but found himself typecast in every roll, so, of course, he became quite irate and decided to exact his wrath on studio execs and budding young starlets, but he found he had a taste for killing and needless to say...he's standing right behind you!!!

rexy's friend dave, who i have never met:
he kind of looks like a tv

carla again:
he's a woodsman. he knows camouflage

but ill keep my eye on him

don't blink. and he smells fear.

oh man, im toast
so much for sleep

he says it has a similar odor to chili-cheese fries.
you could always lull him with a romantic comedy screenplay. or food. haagis is good. he likes ratatouille. but no chili cheese fries, that'd be just stupid.

that was a well thought out response
ill try to lure him with the sweet smell of bacon

atta boy. good plan.

this cautionary tale was brought to you by: chem, sleep deprivation, and the number 3


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