May 16, 2004


a few notes:

a clarification on dancing. dancing with a bad partner is like dancing alone - you concentrate in the swing of your own hips and smile that secret smile. masturbation at it's sneakiest. dancing with a good partner is a whole different animal, however. i am not going to do the cheesy and liken it to sex, rather it is like a good instrument. appreciated in the observing and in the playing. the smiles are broad and toothy.

it is spring! i know that the vernal equinox hit a while ago, and living in la one does not so much see a change in seasons as a change in wardrobe, but let me say that this is the time of year when a young man's fancy turns to love...or at least turns heads. kat and i both have observed this phenomenon, the increasing frequency of getting hit on with the new season. both have online interests (interested in us, rather than the correlation), have gotten randomly hit on on the street, and i shan't get into the party. we've decided that the true test will be to see whether we garner added attention in class. monday our hypothesis is put to the test.

my roommate has stopped telling me things altogether. i asked her on friday whether she intended on going home this weekend and she said no. yet she hasn't returned to the room since late friday afternoon.

i would give a toe to be able to write prose as well as william s. burroughs. i'd prefer to be able to choose which, however. and i'd like it to be surgically removed in a sterile environment with copious anesthetics. how's that for suffering for your art? eh eh? actually it would be candy to have the skillful prose of william s. burroughs, the brilliant thematic shifts of kurt vonnegut, and the playful satiric turns of terry preatchett. yeah, i try so hard, don't i?

the second i ever want to vacuum my room, all the vacuums in the building simultaneously break. it's as if the hair imbedded in my carpet has formed a massive conspiracy...death before filters!

my jealousy is a rare beast. once roused, it takes a while to subside, but it is never consistent. oh well, it can be subdued with ice cream and salty foods.


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