April 23, 2004

trouser strain

events of the week in review:
worry about major, freak out about grades, can i handle med school? can i handle med school?!
decide to talk to kim. regret talking to kim. talk kim out of suicide. contemplate suicide.
accuse the universe of fucking with my head. realize the universe has a point. thank the universe for its interference. learn how to spell interference.
get told i'm a good writer. cuss having to now put more effort in writing. decide i'm a good writer. worry about being a good writer. decide to take writing classes.
write angry depressed sad sick e-mail to mother mentioning: underage drinking, teen suicide, and cussing. get 3 calls from parents in one day. enjoy the attention.

the resolutions:
i'm going to declare a double major in lit. i will be happy with my own writing so long as it meets my standards and not worry too hard about other people's opinions (haha, fat chance). apartment gotten, deposit paid. the universe is seriously lookin' out - mad props, universe.

it's 3 am and my pants are falling off due to mere gravitational strain - a true sign, none clearer, that it is bedtime. poor pants. you have earned your repose. night!


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