April 11, 2004

sat words

the story of my first week back at school. it feels like it's been much longer. i've been staying up really late (2-4 AM) and waking up mid-morning (9-12). i feel remarkable undrowsy, in light of all that. this quarter is shaping up to be incredible. i find myself raving about my o-chem professor. he's engaging and competent, a delicious rare treat in college! my lit class is awesome. think: new age hollistics meets scientific journal and you get the general picture. it's lovely. on friday we had a 5-minute lie-on-your-back-and-relaaaax session. i get to talk about my feelings in a unabashedly pretentious manner. validate me, dammit! score! my fiat luxe is more of the same, only related to myth and pop culture. damn i love acting over-educated. i never get to do that enough. i always feel so fake and ostentatious, but here i get to indulge my darkest pedantic urges. buahahahaha!!! my other two classes, chem lab and art history are not nearly so amazing, but at least in my lab the people seem pretty cool. and although my art history professor is something of a bore, i managed to remain awake during my last class, so that seems a good portent.

my roommate, who spent every weekend first quarter and half the weekends second quarter at home, is staying here this time. thing is, she's spent the last two nights "sleeping over" in someone else's room. go chauser! (they be boys' rooms.) in fact, she never came home last night and i returned from breakfast this morning to find some random guy in the room as she showered. there is nothing to be inferred from that, as chau is naturally fastidiously clean, but i find it to be rather amusing, nontheless. i expected to find chau sitting at her desk and was rather taken aback to find a complete stranger there instead. for the last couple of days at this time of the night i've heard the theme song to m*a*s*h echoing through the courtyard. odd.

i've been doing a ridiculous amount of socializing this week. every night till late, i've been hanging with the c-8 crew being rowdy. cards, ydkj, futurama, whatever form the entertainment took, there was always a bunch of us around, loud and laughing. i like that. but it makes it very tough to haul my ass away to go to bed. last night i went to fatburger with kat, dianna, and a very stoned shahin at 2 am. didn't get to bed till 4. that was an experience. i've pretty much decided that weed is not a drug i am likely to sample. i remember that week last quarter where i obsessively complained about my reduced brain function and wondered painfully about the cause (brain tumor? sleep-walking glue-sniffing?) and i think, "that was so terribly unpleasant that i have utterly no urge to relive that sort of dissociation from myself." i literally missed my regular lever of brain function as one would miss her distant lover, except without the whole "lover" part. oh well, so much for a narcotics-lined path to illumination (reference to blog title, anyone?).

spent much money today. bought a lab coat, a reader, and some goggles. also a birthday present, some accessories, and a pair of undies proclaiming how frigid i am. yeah, that's right, frigid. i like them. they're violet. also a labrynth dvd. whooo! whooo! whooo! i'm not entirely sure what tomorrow will bring. not metaphorically, or metaphysically, but literally. i maaay go to disneyland (not looking very likely at this point) i maaay do some work (need i say ditto?) or i maaay slack off in kat's room all day. oh well, at least i got some pretty good stuff out of the weekend so far. and isn't stuff really all that matters?


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