April 04, 2004

my orchid is wilting

well, the end of a lovely vacation. i'm back at school and pointedly not unpacking...urgh. so let us try to stave off work, school, life a bit longer by reliving the last couple of days of va-ca-tion though the amazing medium of the internet.

kat came back from hawaii and reading her blog just now i realize that nothing she told me in person did it justice. oh so jealous, oh so green. well, at least that's my fav color. she, ames, and i went to haight st. yesterday for thrifty fun and games. on my way out the door father cautioned me about the dangerous drugs and hippies known to inhabit that stretch of sf. oh, i laughed so afterwards, but to his face i soberly assured daddy that everything would be OK. upon arrival, i have to admit that he did have a, albeit teeny, point. (quaking in bed, blankets clutched just under chin, "i see hobos." scream!) no, it was perfectly fun and i got an army surplus purse (brought to you by gays in the military!!) and a very, very colorful shirt. with holes cut out on the shoulders. i feel i should go to a rave...or give the captain lip before going off to fight the giant space worms that have chewed through our hull. i also got a couple of cd's - bush and soundgarden. kat must have gotten 8 or 9. i felt like such a poser in there (amoeba). i was surrounded by terribly alternatively dressed audiophiles and i couldn't remember the name of one of the (mainstream 90's alt rock) bands i was interested in. i just followed kat around, which was just as well because several of the bands on her list would have also been on mine, had i had the drive to make such a list.

my plane ride down here was not the fun, easygoing, and relaxing trip the airlines would have you believe is to be had flying our friendly skies. my luggage was heavy and the shoes that have never made the metal detector beep in any of my flights did this time and i had unprecedented trouble getting my bag into the overhead storage compartment due to my scrawny scrawny arms. on the plus side, however, i got a shuttle back to campus almost immediately.

so now i'm back in my room, rested, safe and sound, and no worse for the wear. and what have i discovered upon my return? spiders! it's fortunate that they are not a phobia of mine, though i know i'm going to be awakened to chau's screams some night, and she's going to force me to pry a creepy crawly off her face before she lets me get back to sleep. one little guy built a web in the handle loop of a bag we use for recycling. i'm just not going to tell her. well, i've run out of excuses to procrastinate unpacking any longer. and my foot's asleep. bye.


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