April 25, 2004

level 7 power up!

according to my professor, i have a "rare talent" as a writer, something she has not said of more than 5 or 7 students in 10 years of teaching. i instinctually know "when to reveal and when to conceal," which is something that cannot be taught. of course none of this talent is displayed in my weblog, it is all distracted ramblings and uninspired prose. yet i will continue to assail your eyes with it, as i do truly enjoy writing. ha!

i said in my last post that i wouldn't write again until after having visited the book fair and so it is. i have gone and returned, and though it was not fansmegintastic, it was still pretty cool. i picked up a tin tin comic, as he is my number one man and had cotton candy and watermelon juice, which i mistook for cherry lemonade in the tub. had late dinner, the dining hall staff has taken to turning the lights off at 8 to drive out the stragglers. now kat and i are playing mario world 3 and we're mired in world 7. the one time we wish chau were here...

partied last night with ib and the girls, it was pretty fun. amy found her a boy, who was pretty cute. go amy. i found out that cheap rum burns like hellfire. especially when you're still recovering from a cold, ugh! i spent much of that night too warm with a headache, and i think it was from latent sickness rather than booze, so i found it all rather depressing (still had fun, though). i should take better care of myself, seriously, now that i'm in the recovery process. i'm not yet better, but i still want my fun! oof, i just died playing the level 7 castle and clonked my head real good. ooowie.

my correspondence has improved immensely ever since my long tell-all e-mail. some would say being that candid with your parents is a bad idea, i say it's actually brilliantly manipulative. now we're sending short, snappy e-mails at each other that sound much more natural than the let me update you on my life e-mail we had been exchanging. i sort of hope that that sort of longer communication is not lost, though, in the flurry of short stories.

also got in touch recently with a couple of old friends. called lj the other day to beg of her the use of the internet because the servers here were down and i had to do a lab. suegol imed me, too, because it seems i never spoke to her after a changed my sn. oops! at the same time, i seem to be losing touch with jeff. i just don't really want to be the only one attempting to keep in contact. petty of me, yes, but that's who i am.

chau came back. she wants to sleep. kat and i are clearing out now. bye.


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