April 30, 2004

a day in the lab

rexy: so how was your day?

me: eh, i am compelled to say "pretty good" by my unshakable optimism, on the other hand, if you look at the facts it kinda sucked. but, i guess, i feel good about it, nonetheless.

i hate my chem lab. it is crappy. i spent all thaat time last night working on the post-lab and completely forgot i had a prelab due as well. by the time (1 am) that i did figure this out, i was exhausted. then i realized i was missing the packet on how to do the lab that i got last time.

fortunately, i was slated to mee my lab partner at 1 (skipping my chem 30 lecture that i actually enjoy) and i got the protocol from him. over the next hour, i did the pre-lab, frantically, eschewing any responsibility to look over my partner's half of the post-lab. i turned both in on time, happily, though the pre-lab was rather shoddily done and i have no idea how well my partner did his half of the post-lab. (though to his credit, it looked quite thorough.)

then in the lab i got partnered with a new person, this horribly obnoxious guy, that even from observing during previous classes i hate. i would descibe him as linn's much less charming cousin, but no one would get that. suffice it to say he's this big asian guy. condescending, asks stupid questions that could be avoided if he just friggin' paid attention to the ta, made me repeat everything twice. so we did the titration, which i also despise, and in the process had to begin again twice, and we had 3 titrations to do in 3 hours and it looked like we'd be quite pressed for time.

then the fire alarm went off.
i spent about 10 min, lying outside on a concrete pylon while the whole building buzzed and blared.

so between the time constraints, my own fuck-ups, and the pain-in-the-ass partner, i was a bit on edge. fortunately, we did finish on time and i don't need to kill nobody.
and i'm still in a pretty good mood, though i do not relish meeting with that guy on tues to do the lab.

rexy: sounds like quite a dramatic day.

me: haha, yeah.


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