April 17, 2004

and deep disturbing emotional currents come out...

i just got back from kill bill volume 2, i spent the last of my money in westwood. i started on the road to apartment-dom, pissing off my dad amidst all the paperwork (he needs to co-sign, effort! gaaaaaahh...) and somehow i feel as if i could shit gold. i feel fan-fuckin'-tastic! seriously! i don't know what it is, but my world is lollipops right now. mm, i want me a cute geek-boy, on an entirely unrelated note. well, no, not entirely, there were a lot of cute geek-boys at the movie. and i want one now! give it to me...(breaks out into song)!

okay, so it seems i have not much to say at the moment. i'm just kinda sunny on the inside so i guess i wanted to share that before it all goes to hell with worrying and desire for father's approval. (why don't you hug me more, daddy?) ugh, sunshine fading, come back, sunshine! i will feed you with booze and aztec-style sacrifice. just let me find a war prisoner i can kill in ritual combat...

'cuz...the sun'll come out, tomorrow. bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun! (or so the aztecs believed so long as they fed it with lots and lots of human hearts.) well, can you blame them? that trip across that sky is long and arduous, that sun needs all the protein he can get!

okay, so i admit that my good mood teeters on the edge of insanity. what of it? i need sugar. talk to you later!


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