April 26, 2004

80 degrees boring

stayed up till 5 last night. spent the last few hours of that trying to read in jim's room. he and kat played chess. i was wise not to play him. he's good. beat her in what had to be 3 moves, i didn't count. second game lasted longer. i made bad suggestions. ugh, i guess my lack of sleep is showing in the terrible blandness of this log. i'll make the rest short. got jason to drive me to the museum, so i did finally get my ass over there to see the pre-colombian art, whoo. also walked around the modern art gallery. saw some new pieces, some really awesome ones, some completely mediocre, some terribly lame. i like it when museums decide to switch it up a bit. i did my cute "i'm into art" act on jason. well, it's not an act, really, but whenever i look at art i feel as if i am the one posing. ate dinner with jason, too. had pointless conversation. god, my head hurts where i clonked it. i swear, it's getting worse. it's been lovely hot these past two days, i'd like it to cool slightly, but i would rather it be like this than normal. slightly warm or even quite warm over comfortable any day. i wanna set up a personal in the onion. i'm interested in seeing what sort of people are out there and onion readers are more likely to be my type than the gropey twits out on the party scene. well, you never know, i guess, but i'm still bad with people. now work. bye.


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