March 31, 2004

pop culture references and bad spelling abound

i just found my culinary soulmate, my confectionary connection, the perfect ice cream. ben and jerry, i heart you real good, you and your Dublin mudslide. yes, it sounds like an act that would have prostitutes charging double, that should be listed alphabetically under "dirty sanchez," but i assure you that it is tops. irish cream ice cream, cookie bits, and - be still my heart - chocolate fudge. *drools on keyboard* it's good. i plan on buying gallons of it as soon as i get back to school and gorging myself fat and sick.

"this car could be automatic, hydromatic, ultramatic! why, it could be greased lightning!!" that movie is great. it's also all that's on tv right now. i love the hardly-subtle innuendo, i love the message it sends young girls, i love the way the characters break into song and at the end, snap out of their choreographed poses and continue on with their lives as if they have no idea as to what just transpired. television is getting really shitty. what's on now? one of the wayans has a family sitcom. i simply can't muster enthusiasm for the newest enterprise incarnation, which is a pity because after quantum leap scot bacula is one of my heros. america is evidently about to acquire a new idol and my poor heart just can't take it - i don't know if i have the presence of mind to add any more pop stars to my worship schedule. (monday - kelly clarson, tues - light a brassiere in homage to brittany spears, weds - reuben sandwich, thurs - the twins "shake it" and "shimmy shimmy" shakira, fri - sacrifice a lamb to the father god mj, sat - clay "twiggy" aiken, sunday is split between the trickster god simon and the goddess of the backup dance, paula abdul). thank god for the oc - the dynasty of a younger generation. and i simply must laugh when certain of my college friends go "oh, those houses aren't all that nice." ... riight.

well, while television isn't my ideal, everything else has been cool. ah, eternal sunshine, i saw that yesterday. totally groked it. exactly the kind of movie i dig. yay! the food, especially the ice cream, has been wonderful. and i can't complain about the company, except there simply has not been enough. spring break report, then: pretty damn satisfactory.

see you later, suckas!


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